Grundlagt 1820 i København


About us

Studenterforeningen was founded July 16th 1820. The founding of Studenterforeningen started as an early youth rebellion directed against Copenhagen University's authorities. The students wanted a space where they could freely debate different subjects without the university's interference; a social and cultural space for other like-minded students.

Today in 2017, Studenterforeningen is a gathering place for all students of different educational backgrounds. We have several productive collaborations with other universities in Scandinavia, along with a number of Danish student associations: Studenterhuset, Alumni Kubulus, the student choral society, Royal Mayestait Acteurs, and The Student Council.

As decided by the students, who founded Studenterforeningen for nearly 200 years ago, the main goal is still to enhance open discussion and free debates, which is reflected by our monthly event, Fredagstaler, held at Carlsberg Akademi. Additionally, we cherish student life with all that it entails in terms of traditions, including to nurture the ties with our almost 20 friendship associations throughout Scandinavia and to organize cultural and academic events for our members.






If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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